Scarecrow Falcon – Unveiling the Keys to Its Operation

This article explores what a Scarecrow Falcon is, how it works, where to buy a hawk scarecrow, and the key tips for effective usage.

What is a Scarecrow Falcon

Scarecrow Falcon

The Scarecrow Falcon is a visual bird repellent that mimics the flight of a falcon in the air.

The falcon (falco) is a bird of prey that hunts for its food, using its beak and talons. When birds encounter a falcon, their natural instinct is to flee because they recognize the falcon as a ruthless natural predator.

The Hawk Scarecrow takes advantage of this natural instinct of birds to naturally deter them, without causing any harm.

For decades, falconers have been using birds of prey for bird control services. However, these falconry-based bird control services come with certain difficulties. For example:

  • Falconry is an expensive service. In certain situations, such as bird control at airports, the cost may be justifiable. However, for many other scenarios, its high cost makes it unfeasible.
  • The falcon can only fly under specific weather conditions. It cannot fly when it is cloudy or raining.
  • It cannot be claimed that falconry is a natural method that doesn’t harm birds. In many cases, the bird of prey attacks, injures, and even kills some of the birds that we want to deter.

The idea behind the Hawk Scarecrow is to simulate the flight of a falcon, but with the advantages of being much more affordable. It can be used in virtually any weather condition and is a natural and completely harmless method for birds.

How Scarecrow Falcon Works

The operation of the Scarecrow Falcon is very simple. To understand how it works, let’s look at the three components that make up the Hawk Scarecrow Kit:

  1. The kit includes a telescopic pole. The pole should be made of a sturdy material, such as fiberglass. There are various sizes of telescopic poles available, with the most common ones ranging from 5 to 7 meters.
  2. It also includes an invisible nylon thread that secures the scarecrow kite to the pole.
  3. The scarecrow kite, which mimics the shape of a falcon. The scarecrow kite should be made of a lightweight and durable material so that it can fly with a gentle breeze.

The telescopic pole is inserted into the ground, and the scarecrow kite is attached to the pole using the nylon thread. And that’s it! Once installed, the gentle breeze activates the scarecrow falcon, making the kite fly.

The scarecrow falcon is specifically designed to simulate the flight of a falcon: gliding, diving, and adjusting its movements according to the wind…

Where Can I Buy a Scarecrow Falcon

BirdGard Iberia offers the Eolo Hawk Scarecrow in their catalog. You can conveniently place your order through their online store.

Scarecrow Falcon Kit

Scarecrow Falcon – Tips for Use

Here are some tips you can follow before and during the installation and use of the Hawk Scarecrow to achieve the best results:

  1. The key to achieving the highest effectiveness of the Scarecrow Falcon is height:
    • It’s important for the Eolo Scarecrow Falcon to fly above the area where the birds nest or perch that we want to deter.
    • Most birds expect to see falcons flying above them. Therefore, as they start to fly towards our trees or the protected area, a quick glance at the Scarecrow Falcon will be enough for them to spot it. Its presence will instill fear in them, and they will change their trajectory before reaching our trees or the protected area.
    • The Scarecrow Falcon must be clearly visible to intimidate the birds and prevent them from entering the coverage area.
    • Therefore, it’s crucial to place the scarecrow kite on a mast that is at least 5 meters high.
  2. If possible, change the position of the Scarecrow Falcon periodically. Like any bird control method, the Scarecrow Falcon is a tool that requires dedication to optimize its effectiveness.
  3. Remove the Scarecrow Falcon when the presence of the birds you wanted to deter has decreased. And reinstall it after a few days.
  4. If you need to protect a harvest or certain fruit trees, we recommend installing the Scarecrow Falcon before the fruits start to ripen. We suggest doing this 2 weeks in advance.
  5. Before installing the Eolo Scarecrow Falcon, remove all signs of bird presence in the area. This includes nests, droppings, etc. Birds and their droppings can cause diseases, so exercise caution when cleaning the area. If you have any doubts about how to do this safely, we recommend reading the article “How to Clean Bird Droppings“.

Here are a couple of videos from BirdGard Iberia’s YouTube channel that will assist you in the installation of your Scarecrow Falcon:

Example of Hawk ScareCrow Installation

Proper Knotting of the Scarecrow Falcon Kite

Do Birds Get Used to the Hawk Scarecrow?

The most effective way to deter birds is through Bioacustic Bird Repellers. However, there are many situations where a silent solution for bird control is needed. For example, to deter pigeons from churches or birds from golf courses. In such cases, a sonic bird deterrent may not be viable. In those cases, there are two options:

  1. Ultrasonic Bird Deterrents. The most powerful ultrasonic bird deterrent on the market is the UltraSon X.
  2. Visual Bird Repellers. There are different types of visual bird repellents, including scarecrow falcons, balloons, scarecrow owls, etc. The most important aspect when buying a scarecrow is that it has movement. It should not be static. If you want to learn more about this topic, we recommend reading the article “Tips for Choosing an Effective Scarecrow Figure“.

For bird control, it is advisable to use different bird deterrent methods in combination. The combined action of a sonic bird deterrent or an ultrasonic bird deterrent, along with a visual bird repeller, creates a synergistic effect. In other words, their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effectiveness.

Follow the Tips for Use provided in this article to maximize the effectiveness of the Scarecrow Falcon and prevent birds from getting used to its presence.

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