Category: Pigeons

Pigeons cause the most problems in towns, cities, and domestic environments. These birds have found the perfect habitat alongside humans. They primarily feed on our waste and find shelter on roofs, churches, balconies, terraces,… The main issue they cause is the mess from their droppings, which can also transmit diseases.

They also cause problems in agriculture, attacking crops and reducing their yield.


Pigeon and Dove Infestations

Pigeon and dove infestations are an increasingly common problem in our cities. Discover which pigeon and dove species are most prevalent in urban areas.


How to Repel Pigeons

This article provides good advice on how to repel pigeons from balconies, roofs, crops, gardens, swimming pools, antennas, and more.

Eolo Garden – Bird Protection

Discover the Eolo Garden, a great product for protecting your lawn, urban garden, seedbed, or livestock feeders from birds…