Category: Rats – Mice

We offer a selection of the best products to solve your rodent problem: rat and mouse repellers using sounds and ultrasound; rat trap cages; multi-catch mouse cages; ultrasonic mouse deterrents specifically designed to protect cars…

When the problem with rats and mice is severe, you will need to contact a local pest control company that provides ongoing rodent control services. BirdGard Iberia does not offer such services.

However, for less severe cases, you will find information here to help you understand how to prevent the presence of rats and mice inside a warehouse, garage, factory, country house, etc…

You will also find testimonials from some of our clients who explain the problems they had with these animals and how they managed to solve them using different control measures recommended by BirdGard Iberia.

At BirdGard Iberia, we specialize in bird and animal control solutions. We put all our experience at your service and trust that this information will be useful to you in tackling your problem with mice and rats.


I have Rats in my Car

If your car is going to be parked for a while, or if it’s parked in a garage where there might be rats, we recommend protecting it with a car rat repeller.


How to Deter Mice

We’ll tell you about our experience when we had to deter mice in the country house. It was a hassle, but we did it!