Category: Starlings – Blackbirds

Flocks of starlings – blackbirds mainly cause problems in agriculture. The crops they typically attack include vineyards, blueberry plantations, currants, and other berry plants. They also target farms where they can easily find food in livestock feed. To rest, these flocks of starlings use tree-covered areas as roosting sites. This can pose a significant problem if these roosting sites are located in parks, swimming pools, or sports facilities in our towns or cities.

The best method to deter flocks of starlings is the Bird Gard sonic repeller. Highly effective. Below you will find a selection of the best articles that will teach you how to scare away starlings, and blackbirds.


How to repel starlings from fig trees

This article explains the main characteristics of fig cultivation and how to maximize its profitability by using a bioacustic Bird Gard to repel starlings.

Eolo Garden – Bird Protection

Discover the Eolo Garden, a great product for protecting your lawn, urban garden, seedbed, or livestock feeders from birds…