Category: Bird Repellers

There are different types of Bird Repellers: bioacoustic bird repellers; laser deterrents; visual bird repellents; ultrasonic deterrents; mechanical solutions to prevent birds from perching in an area; scent repellents; others with a triple deterrent effect…

Each of these types of bird repellers has its advantages and disadvantages. There is no “best bird repeller” that works for all cases and for any bird species.

At BirdGard Iberia, we specialize in bird control solutions. We understand that choosing the most suitable bird deterrent for each specific case is not an easy task.

That’s why we provide a selection of articles that we believe will help you choose the most appropriate deterrent for your situation, whether it’s: removing sparrows that sneak into a warehouse; protecting your crop from blackbirds; preventing pigeons from perching on your antenna…

In our blog, you will also find specific sections on the birds you need to deter: pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, crows… With specific articles on how to deter these bird species.

We put all our experience at your service. We trust that you will find the information you need to solve your bird problem in a way that is respectful to the animals and the environment.


How to Repel Woodpeckers?

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Cormorants, a plague for fishermen

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How to repel magpies

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