Seagulls in landfills and reservoirs – Public Health Issue

Seagulls are coastal birds. However, in recent years, a large number of seagulls have left coastal areas and ventured into inland regions. This article addresses the public health problems caused by seagulls and advises on anti-seagull solutions in landfills and reservoirs.

Seagulls in Inland Areas

The migration of seagulls to inland areas mainly occurs during the cold months of autumn and winter. This migration is largely due to seagulls finding an almost inexhaustible food source in landfills.

Some of the seagull species that can be found in inland areas in Spain are:

Seagulls in Landfills and Reservoirs. Problems They Cause

The high concentrations of seagulls in inland areas cause a lot of inconvenience to residents of nearby urban areas. There have been cases of seagulls displaying aggressive behavior and even attacking children and tourists.

Beyond these inconveniences, the fundamental problem is public health. As we can see in this video, seagulls use landfills and waste treatment centers to feed on garbage and urban waste. They also seek marshes, water dams, reservoirs, or large water supplies to rest or spend the night. Large concentrations of seagull droppings in reservoirs and public water supplies can contaminate the water and transmit diseases such as salmonella.

Anti-Seagull Solutions

It is necessary to try to prevent seagulls from feeding on waste and refuse from landfills and dumps. Similarly, the risk of water contamination by seagull droppings in marshes, canals, reservoirs, and water supplies must be avoided.

To achieve this, those responsible for these waste management plants and water supply facilities must take anti-seagull solutions to keep seagull infestations away from these areas.

Bird Gard Seagull Repeller with Chip #20 – Effective, Affordable, and Eco-Friendly

Anti Gaviotas en Vertederos

The Bird Gard Seagull Repeller with Chip #20 is an effective, affordable, and eco-friendly solution to scare seagulls away from landfills, waste management centers, reservoirs, and water supplies.

The effectiveness of the Bird Gard seagull repeller is immediately noticeable upon installation. Seagulls are frightened away from the area by hearing distress calls from other seagulls and predator sounds, which are played in different patterns.

Unlike other anti-seagull solutions like propane cannons, the Bird Gard seagull repeller does not repeat the same pattern of sounds. This prevents seagulls from getting accustomed to the sounds and ensures that the deterrent remains effective year after year.

The Bird Gard seagull deterrents are designed to work outdoors under any weather conditions and cover large areas of land.

There are different models of Bird Gard seagull repellers available, depending on the coverage area required for the landfill, reservoir, or specific area where seagulls need to be repelled.

Ahuyentador Anti Gaviotas

The effectiveness of Bird Gard seagull repellers is guaranteed. You can try them for 30 days, and if you’re not satisfied with the results, you’ll receive a full refund of the equipment price.


If you’re responsible for a waste management plant, landfill, or dump and you’re facing seagull problems, don’t take any risks. Consult one of our experts for free at Bird Gard Iberia.

If you’re an individual dealing with seagull issues on your roof, terrace, attic, or boat, we recommend reading this article, where you’ll find helpful advice on how to repel seagulls in these specific cases.

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  • CTM Case: The Centro de Transportes de Madrid manages multiple warehouses in the southern part of Madrid. Thousands of seagulls frequented one of their warehouses. The presence of seagull pests on the warehouse roof caused numerous maintenance problems for CTM. Along with other methods, CTM has been using the Bird Gard Pro Plus #20 seagull deterrent to combat the seagull infestations since 2018.

You can purchase your seagull repeller from the Bird Gard Iberia online store.