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The cormorant is a water bird. It is an excellent fisherman, which causes many problems and economic losses to the agricultural industry, fish farms, fishing lakes…

Furthermore, being a large bird, the cormorant generates a lot of dirt. This causes significant problems in marinas and yacht clubs, as it dirties and damages their facilities and the members’ boats.

There are different methods to scare away cormorants: bioacoustic bird repellers, visual repellers, lasers, products to prevent them from perching on specific points… The most effective solution to combat cormorants is usually the one that combines different methods.

Below you will find a selection of the best articles that will help you learn how to scare away cormorants.

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Cormorants, a plague for fishermen

This article aims to address the serious problem that cormorants pose for fishermen and explores the existing solutions to deter cormorants.


How to Get Rid of Cormorants

This article explains how to get rid of cormorants using a bioacustic bird repeller specifically designed to repel cormorants.