How does laser technology work for bird control?

Laser technology for bird control was first used in the mid-1970s as an alternative to the use of potentially hazardous chemicals for animals and the environment. Since then, different companies have emerged that use laser technology as the basis for their bird control products.


How do bird laser repellents work?

Bird laser repellents use green laser technology. When the moving laser beam hits the area where birds perch or nest, they perceive it as a physical threat coming towards them. This affects their survival instinct and makes them fly away. With frequent use of the laser, birds consider the area to be unsafe and stay away from it.

Types of bird laser deterrents

There are two main types of bird laser deterrents, based on their mode of use:

  • Handheld Laser Deterrent, such as the Agrilaser HandHeld, which can be purchased on the BirdGard Iberia online store
  • Automatic Laser Deterrent. Within the automatic laser deterrents, there are two sub-types:
    • Indoor Automatic Laser Deterrent, such as the Bird Lazzzer, which can be purchased on the BirdGard Iberia online store
    • Outdoor Automatic Laser Deterrent, such as the Avix Autonomic. It requires special permits and a specialist technician for installation.

Is the laser system effective against birds?

In general, yes. But it should be noted that, when used outdoors, the laser system is most effective at dawn, dusk, and in low light conditions. For example, on cloudy, rainy, or foggy days.

Most outdoor laser bird repellents have a maximum range of up to 2500 meters. However, in intense lighting conditions (for example, in broad daylight), the laser repellent loses a lot of range and therefore becomes less effective.

The range achieved by an outdoor laser bird repellent in intense lighting conditions depends on the model of repellent and its laser output power.

At first, use the laser daily, in sessions of about 10-15 minutes projecting the laser to the area where the birds rest. In this way, the birds begin to understand that it is a potentially dangerous area and eventually abandon it.

Is laser technology for bird control dangerous for people?

Most bird laser deterrents use type 3B laser technology, which is potentially dangerous. Improper use of this type of laser can cause eye injuries and skin injuries in people.

A laser operator certificate is required before using a laser deterrent. Typically, this laser operator certificate is obtained after completing a free online course provided by the supplier and passing a knowledge assessment test. For more information, consult your supplier about purchase and usage requirements.

To use an automatic laser outdoors, it is necessary to request authorization for its installation, as well as to cordon off the area with graphic signs warning of the risks of entering the area when a type 3B laser is in operation.


The laser should never be directed at people or their eyes. Do not direct the laser at the sky, airplanes, reflective surfaces, houses or buildings. Read the technical specifications, safety regulations, functional use, etc. of the product manuals carefully before use.

Does laser technology harm birds?

No, laser bird repellents do not harm birds.

Why is the laser green in color?

Green is the color that works best to scare and repel birds. It stands out well on most surfaces and is clearly visible to birds.

What are the main advantages of laser technology for bird control?

The main advantage of laser technology is that it is completely silent. The results are fast and long-lasting. Generally, birds do not get used to the laser in motion. It is an environmentally friendly and animal-friendly bird control system.

Who are the main users of laser bird repellents?

Manual bird-repelling lasers are widely used by pest control companies and falconers, once they obtain a laser operator certificate.

Sometimes the falconer’s birds are unable to fly due to the conditions of the area, or adverse weather conditions. In these cases, falconers can use the bird-repelling laser to continue providing bird control services to their clients. Thanks to their light weight and compact size, they can carry the manual bird repellent laser in their daily routine, to scare away birds from their clients’ facilities and as a complement to the action of birds of prey.

Also, airport wildlife control services use manual bird-repelling lasers to keep birds away from runways, before the landing or takeoff of airplanes.

Many companies in the food sector use the Bird Lazzzer indoor bird repellent to reduce the presence of sparrows or pigeons inside their warehouses and facilities. And thus avoid health risks due to the presence of birds and possible sanctions for non-compliance in health audits.

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