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Seagulls, being large birds, create a lot of mess. They can even become aggressive towards people. BirdGard Iberia has a long and successful history of repelling seagulls in industrial, recreational, and tourist ports, hotel rooftops and other buildings in coastal areas, swimming pools, industrial areas, and nuclear power plants near the coast… We have successful cases of driving away seagulls from industrial buildings in Seville, Madrid… Yes, in Madrid! where years ago, seagull populations were introduced along the Manzanares River.

Thanks to Bird Gard seagull repellers, industrial cleaning companies achieve significant cost reductions and improve the quality of cleaning and maintenance services they provide to their clients. Below you will find a selection of the best articles on how to scare away seagulls economically and effectively.


How to Repel Seagulls from Rooftops

This article explains how one of BirdGard Iberia’s clients managed to repel seagulls from the rooftops of their factory. Flocks of thousands of seagulls were continuously using the roofs of one of the buildings in the factory, which spans over 75,000 square meters. Their presence resulted in over a ton of waste and dirt per year. Thanks to the bioacustic Bird Gard seagull repellers , the seagulls have relocated to other areas away from the factory, ceasing to be a problem.


How to Repel Seagulls

Discover the top three solutions to Repel Seagulls: The Sonic Seagull Repeller “BirdGard Pro #20”. The Visual Seagull Deterrent “Eolo Hawk ScareCrow”. And the Boat Seagull Repeller “StopGull Air”.