New Large Rail Support for StopGull Air

The new Large Rail Support allows you to install your StopGull Air on wide railings, with diameters ranging from 38 to 110 millimeters.

Until now, if you needed to install your StopGull Air on a railing, the most suitable support was the Handrail Support. However, it had a drawback in that it only adapts to narrow railings with a diameter of between 22 and 38 millimeters.

Now, if you need to install your StopGull Air on a wider railing and the Handrail Support doesn’t fit, you can use the Large Rail Support, as shown in the video.

An elegant solution to keep birds away from the pool, preventing their droppings and food debris from entering the water.

You can get these bird repellents at BirdGard Iberia’s online store: