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Crows are very intelligent birds. They have a particular fondness for corn. They like it so much that they do not hesitate to dig up and eat freshly planted seeds.

We have also found cases where crows are a problem in wineries and country houses, where they even peck at window silicone, irrigation pipes, etc…

The most effective solutions for scaring away crows are bioacoustic repellents. However, it is essential that these bird sound repellents be specific for deterring corvids. To deter corvids in the long term and prevent them from getting used to the sounds, a generalist bird repellent is not enough. We recommend using a specific crow repellent.

Below you will find a selection of the best articles to help you learn how to scare away crows in different specific cases.

You will also find references from some of our clients who explain the problems they had with these birds and how they managed to solve them with various bird control measures recommended by BirdGard Iberia.

At BirdGard Iberia, we specialize in bird control solutions. We put all our experience at your service and trust that this information will be useful for addressing your problem with corvids: crows, jackdaws, rooks…


How to repel crows from cornfields

This article explains how to deter crows. Specifically, how to scare crows away from cornfields, where they cause the most problems…