How to get rid of crows? – Mamen Sánchez shares her experience

In this article, Mamen Sánchez from the company Aislamientos Industriales Benito Sánchez explains how they managed to get rid of the crows that were entering the warehouse located in an industrial estate near Zaragoza.

We have a company specializing in the sale of insulation for construction in Zaragoza

Our company is located in an industrial estate, which is practically in the middle of the countryside, on the outskirts of Zaragoza.

This spring, during the months of March and April, there were many crows flying around the area. We’ve always had some crows around here, but this year was excessive.

We had a major issue with crows that were getting into our warehouse and making a mess

As you can see in the image, our company has two side doors on one side of the facade. They are large gates, approximately 4 meters long by 4 meters wide, which we use for loading and unloading materials.


One day in March, a couple of crows managed to get inside the warehouse through one of the open gates. On that day, we successfully scared away the crows and managed to make them leave the warehouse. At that moment, we didn’t give it much importance. We thought it was just a one-time thing and that would be the end of it.

However, the crows started to get accustomed to entering the warehouse. In fact, from that day onwards, the crows would constantly come in and hide at the back of the warehouse. It became a persistent crow problem. Every morning, as soon as we opened the doors, a couple of crows would sneak in.

We noticed that the crows were not perching on any nearby trees or buildings waiting to enter. Instead, they would always fly directly into the warehouse when they were flying over the area.

We also noticed that the crows didn’t enter other warehouses in the industrial estate. The other warehouses in the area, due to the nature of their activities, don’t have open loading gates like we do.

The issue with the crows was getting worse. Crows are colossal birds, with a wingspan of over 1 meter. They would flutter around the warehouse and leave everything very dirty. They damaged our materials. And the image we presented to our customers who came to load at the warehouse, with crows around making a mess, wasn’t very professional.

We started investigating how to scare away the crows


Faced with this problem, I started searching online for ways to scare away crows.

The first thing you read about preventing crows is to avoid leaving food that might attract them, to securely close garbage bags and store them in covered containers… But we didn’t have any of that. Our company sells construction insulation materials and we don’t have any food that could attract the crows.

So, we even considered if they had built a nest at the back of the warehouse. But we thoroughly checked everything, and there was no nest there.

Tricks that didn’t work to scare away the crows

We tried everything to scare away the crows: reflective elements, chemical repellents… even the warehouse guy would come with a pellet gun and shoot into the air before opening the doors. And it’s true that at that moment, the crows would get scared and fly away. But in no time, they would sneak in again. And we had to scare them away again until they left. But as soon as you let your guard down, they were back inside.

They were also watching us, waiting for us to get distracted so they could come back in. It’s true what they say, they are very intelligent birds. And that’s how we spent our entire day. It was exhausting. We really tried everything to repel them, but there was no way.

I even called some pest control companies in the area. They all told us that if we had the doors open, there was nothing we could do… None of them even came to see the situation. They said the only solution was to close the doors or install nets to prevent the crows from entering. But that was completely impractical in our case. Our customers are constantly coming in through those doors to load materials. And we are constantly going in and out as well. The doors need to remain open all the time. We can only close them when we go home. The netting solution they proposed was not feasible for us.

We were really desperate about the crows. My father was getting sick because we didn’t know what else to do.

Finally, we found the best method to scare away the crows


One day, while continuing my search for solutions to get rid of the crows, I came across BirdGard Iberia.

It seemed like a professional solution to get rid of the crows, so I decided to give them a call.

I explained the issue we had with the crows to them, and they recommended installing a crow repeller using sound. Specifically, considering the size of our warehouse, which is 4000 m2, they suggested the BirdGard Pro #49 model. I discussed it with my father, and we finally decided to give it a try.

A few days later, we placed the order and received the crow deterrent promptly. The warehouse guy installed it inside the warehouse, at the back where the crows would enter and hide every day. He installed it high up, with the speaker pointing towards the entrance doors. And he connected it to a battery because we don’t have easy access to power outlets in that part of the warehouse.

With the Bird Gard repeller, the crows never came back!

Every day, when we arrived in the morning and opened the entrance doors, the guy would turn on the crow repeller.

During the first few days, the crows still entered. But as soon as the deterrent started emitting the sounds, the crows would get scared and leave on their own.

And that’s how it went for about a month.

We would turn on the crow deterrent every morning. The device would emit sounds intermittently throughout the day until we left.

After approximately a month of having the Bird Gard Pro #49 crow repeller installed, the crows stopped coming in.

And they have never entered again. They still fly over the industrial estate. They have always done that. But they don’t bother us anymore. They don’t enter the warehouse.

So, after a couple of weeks without the crows entering the warehouse anymore, we disconnected the deterrent. Now we have it safely stored and ready to be installed again if any crow dares to come in.

The sounds that scare away the crows


As for the sounds emitted by the Bird Gard Pro #49 crow repeller, they are all bird sounds: crow caws – as if they were alarm calls – and you can also hear raptors like hawks and kestrels…

Since they are all bird sounds, at first it feels like you’re in the jungle, but you get used to it eventually. Also, the deterrent is not constantly making noise. It emits sounds intermittently and has silent periods.

I usually stay in the offices at the entrance of the warehouse, and since the crow deterrent was installed at the other end, at the back of the warehouse, we couldn’t hear it in the offices. However, every time a customer entered the warehouse to load materials, they would ask us what was inside because it seemed like there were real birds.

Extremely satisfied with the Bird Gard crow repeller

Truly, we are delighted with the Bird Gard crow deterrent. I recommend it to everyone who has bird problems. My father was really desperate about the crow problem. We went through a tough time. But luckily, we found the solution in the end.

And on top of that, BirdGard Iberia also helped us deter rabbits from the garden. My father was tired of planting tomatoes and having the rabbits eat everything. But well, he has already shared his experience in another article on how BirdGard helped us with that.

So thank you very much, BirdGard Iberia! You’re geniuses when it comes to pests!

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