Category: Pests

Below, you will find a selection of articles on how to repel animals: cats, rats, mice, wild boars, rabbits…


Repel Cats

This article teaches us which products to use to repel cats, and how the best ultrasonic cat repellers work…


How to Deter Mice

We’ll tell you about our experience when we had to deter mice in the country house. It was a hassle, but we did it!


How to scare off Martens and Squirrels

In this article, Miguel explains how he managed to scare off a marten that was attacking his chicken coop and squirrels that were stealing his hazelnuts, with the WK0052 animal repeller.


How to prevent dogs from urinating at my door?

Anti Urine Spray for Dogs and Cats is a discreet and effective product to prevent dogs from urinating where they shouldn’t. Say goodbye to stains and odor. We answer all your questions about this product.