How to Deter Mice

What a horrible experience we had last year… returning to our countryside home, which had been closed since the end of the summer, ready to spend a few days of rest during the All Saints holiday, only to find out that while we were away, mice had visited the house! In case it helps other people who need to repel mice, we will share our experience below:

How Did We Realize that Mice Had Entered the House?

Fortunately, when we arrived at the house, we didn’t see any mice, but as soon as we entered the pantry where we keep our food, we realized that mice had been there! How did we know…?

Well, we found a box of nibbled cookies, and there were mouse droppings on the shelves. Mouse droppings – for those who have never seen them – look like small black balls.

Not seeing any mice during our stay was a good sign. We knew we had a mouse problem, but it seemed like it had not yet turned into a full-blown mouse infestation.

In any case, we knew we had to act. And as soon as possible!…

What Did We Do Before Installing the Mouse Repellent?

The first thing we did before installing the mouse repellent was to clean the infected area. We used gloves and a mask to avoid any contagion of diseases from the mouse feces.

For safety, we threw away all the food: sugar, flour, cookies, chocolate… Only the canned food that was hermetically sealed was saved.

Next, we searched the entire house for the hole or crack where the mice had managed to enter. In an old village house, this is a huge task… Unfortunately, we could not find the exact point where they were entering.

The next step was to decide the method to definitively get rid of the mice. We were clear that we did not want to use mouse poison or mouse traps that would kill them. For several reasons:

  • We were looking for a natural solution to repel mice, that would not harm them.
  • On the other hand, there was also a practical reason:
    • We do not live in that house, we only visit it in the summer and some weekends of the year.
    • Therefore, we would not have been able to get rid of the dead mice from the poison or the traps.
    • And leaving dead mice there would have only worsened the problem…

What equipment did we use to Deter Mice?

We opted to use the mouse deterrent “WK0600”, “Transonic Pro”.


This mouse deterrent works with a combination of audible and ultrasonic sounds. The device can be connected to electricity and consumes very little power.

When we were at home, to avoid being bothered by the sounds, we put the device in ultrasonic mode to deter mice. And, when we left, we left it in anti-mice mode for audible sounds.

Another thing we did was to store all the food we were leaving in the house in airtight containers. And we placed the mouse deterrent at the entrance to the kitchen.

And it worked. We managed to deter the mice!

All the other times we have returned to the house, we have not found any signs of those darn rodents. What a relief…!

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