Four Good Reasons to Invest in a Bird Repeller

There are at least four good reasons to invest in a bird repellent that effectively solves the problem with birds, and also does it naturally, without harming birds. And without using potentially hazardous chemical products for your health and the environment.

Reason #1: Avoid the Risk of Contracting Bird-Transmitted Diseases

Bird droppings contain fungi and bacteria that can cause respiratory and intestinal illnesses in people.

Even if you never come into contact with bird droppings or you do so with a mask and gloves, you should know that there is still a risk of contagion.

This is because, when bird droppings dry, the wind can transport small particles of these dried droppings that we can potentially breathe, causing respiratory illnesses such as alveolitis or digestive illnesses such as salmonellosis, among others.

It’s better to prevent than to cure. Invest in a professional bird repellent and avoid the risk of contagion and contracting bird-transmitted diseases.

Reason #2: Reduce or Eliminate Your Maintenance and Cleaning Costs

The main problem caused by birds in historical buildings, industrial parks, offices, balconies, or building terraces is dirtiness.

Bird droppings, in addition to being transmitters of diseases, are corrosive and can damage the material on which they fall: stone, boat covers, cars, etc…

Some of our customers confess that they have recovered the investment made with the purchase of a Bird Gard bird repellent in just a few months. And this is simply with the savings obtained in cleaning and maintenance of their facilities.

Reason #3: Increase Your Production

Bird Gard’s bioacoustic bird repellents are widely used in agriculture because they cover large areas of land. For example, a single device, the BirdGard Super Pro Amp, covers 120,000 square meters of land, which is about 12 football fields!

The main damage caused by birds in agriculture is the reduction in crops. This results in significant revenue losses for farmers. For two reasons:

  1. the volume of the harvest is greatly reduced.
  2. the price obtained for the product if it is damaged by birds is much lower.

For example, one of our customers, a farmer with more than 13 hectares of land dedicated to pistachio cultivation, told us that his losses last year were around 9,000€. The jackdaws had eaten almost all of his harvest. This year he saved his harvest, and his income, by installing several units of the Bird Gard bioacoustic bird repellent to repel the jackdaws.

Reason #4: Protect Your Customers and Project a Better Image

Bird droppings on the ground can cause slips and falls for people walking in the area. Or they can make certain areas of your facilities unusable due to bird droppings. Avoid this by implementing an effective bird control solution.

This is what one of our customers did, who manages the maintenance of a sports stadium. Certain areas of the stadium stands were completely unusable because pigeons were defecating on the heads of the spectators sitting in that area. With the consequent complaints from the fans. Thanks to the Bird Gard bird deterrents, they have managed to scare away the pigeons and improve the stadium’s image.

I want to invest in a bird deterrent, but which one is right for me?