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Bioacoustic Bird Repellers emit natural bird sounds to scare away birds.

Not all Bioacoustic Bird Repellers are the same. The market leader is the American brand Bird Gard. The information we provide here applies exclusively to Bird Gard repellers. It may not apply to other brands of bioacoustic deterrents.

Unlike scarecrow cannons that always emit the same explosions at regular intervals, bioacoustic repellers emit a combination of different sounds. In the case of Bird Gard bioacoustic bird repellers, these sounds are of three types: distress calls of the birds we need to deter; predator calls: hawks, eagles, harriers…; and electronic harassment sounds. These sounds are high-quality digital recordings.

Bird Gard repellers emit these recordings by varying the frequency, the order of the sounds, the silence interval between sound emissions… so that there is no fixed pattern for the birds to get used to.

It is very important that bioacoustic deterrents are specific to the type of birds we need to deter. Because it is not the same to deter pigeons, seagulls, sparrows, or crows…

Birds listen to others of their species warning them of danger. They also hear calls that make them think predators are nearby… this interferes with their natural survival instinct, they fear being attacked, and flee the area.

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