How to repel magpies

In this article, we present the most effective method to repel magpies using the bioacustic BirdGard Pro #66 magpie repeller. But first, let’s explore some interesting characteristics of this particular bird, which will help us understand how to effectively repel magpies.

Important things to know about this particular bird to understand how to effectively repel magpies

  • The magpie belongs to the crow family and, like crows, is a highly intelligent bird.
  • Magpies do not have great eyesight, so they rely on their vocalizations as their primary means of communication. They emit the typical “ra-ra-ra” calls, which they use to communicate with each other and warn of danger, such as the presence of a predator.
  • The main predator of the magpie is the goshawk. But they are also preyed upon by the buzzard, the owl, the falcon, and even the crow, which attacks magpie nests and consumes their eggs.
  • Magpies are omnivorous; they feed on insects, steal eggs from other bird nests, and also scavenge carrion, as shown in the following video:

The best method to repel magpies

The most effective method to repel magpies is to use a sonic magpie repeller, as it interferes with their primary means of communication.

A sonic-based magpie deterrent emits sounds of magpie predators along with warning calls from magpies, creating the illusion of a predator and imminent danger in the area. When magpies hear the sound of a predator and the warning call from another magpie, they immediately flee from the area.

Magpie Repeller

Bird Gard Magpie Repellerss

Not all sonic-based bird repellers are the same. The American company Bird Gard is the world leader in bioacustic bird repellers. Bird Gard bird repellers are specific to the type of birds being deterred. In other words, there is a specific model of repeller for magpies, another for seagulls, another for pigeons, and so on. This is why they are so effective. Additionally, the sounds are emitted in different patterns each time: different frequencies, different orders, etc. This prevents birds from getting accustomed to the sounds and maintains long-term effectiveness of the Bird Gard bird repellers.

Each Bird Gard bird repeller comes with a specific chip or sound card designed for the type of birds being repelled. For example, the Bird Gard Magpie Repeller with chip #66 contains sounds of specific magpie predators such as the goshawk, falcon, buzzard, and crows, along with distress calls from magpies. These sounds are recorded and emitted in high fidelity, creating the illusion of an attack, startling the bird— in this case, the magpie— and causing it to flee from the area.

The Bird Gard Pro magpie repeller with chip #66 covers an area of 6000 m2. If you need more coverage against magpies, there are other models of more powerful deterrents available:

How to repel magpies – Conclusions

The bioacustic magpie repeller from Bird Gard is the most effective solution for repelling magpies in large areas of land. In the BirdGard Iberia online store, you can download all the information about this magpie deterrent, read reviews from other customers, and conveniently place your order.

If you need to get rid of magpies but using a sonic deterrent is not feasible due to the acoustic nuisance it may cause, we recommend reading the article “How to get rid magpies silently “.