How to get rid of magpies silently

A few days ago, we published an article about the most effective method to repel magpies using the Bird Gard Pro bioacustic magpie repeller. Since then, several people have contacted us asking if there are any other silent solutions to get rid of magpies, i.e., ones that do not emit audible sounds.

The answer is yes. In this article, we provide advice on alternative and silent methods to combat magpies, as well as discourage other approaches… Let’s get into it!

Methods to get rid of magpies that we discourage because they are not effective

Do not use an ultrasonic repeller to scare magpies. While it is true that this method is silent, based on our experience, ultrasonic repellers are not effective in getting rid of magpies in open environments such as roofs, orchards, gardens, etc.

Silent methods that are effective in getting rid of magpies

As we explained in the article “How to repel magpies,” the most effective method to scare magpies is using the bioacustic Bird Gard Pro magpie repeller.

The Bird Gard Pro is a professional and highly effective bird repeller. However, in some cases, it may not be justified to invest in a professional bird deterrent. For example, when all you need is to scare away some magpies that are causing trouble around your house, orchard, or garden.

scare magpies

Therefore, if the problem with magpies is minor and you simply want to combat them in a relatively small area, there are solutions such as scare-eye balloons, scarecrow owls, or scarecrow kites – these are silent and, of course, more cost-effective than the sonic Bird Gard Pro magpie deterrent.

However, be very careful with visual bird deterrents! Not all visual bird deterrents are the same. Choose one that is as realistic as possible and has movement. Before purchasing a visual bird deterrent, read the following article where you will find good tips for choosing an effective scarecrow figure.

If, in your case, it is not viable or justified to invest in a sound deterrent for magpies but you need to combat them with an economical and silent method, we recommend the following equipment:

Scarecrow Owl – Against Magpies


As you can see, this visual bird repellent is a very realistic replica of a real owl. It has its wings spread out, simulating a hunting position. This scarecrow figure is more effective because the breeze makes the owl move its wings. As the owl is a predator of magpies, when they see it, they perceive a threat. They get scared and move away.

It’s important to change the position of the scarecrow owl regularly to prevent magpies from getting used to its presence.

Scarecrow Kite – Against Magpies – Recommended Method – Most Effective


The scarecrow kite is designed to mimic a hovering hawk in the area. As the hawk is a predator, this scares magpies and other birds, keeping them away from the area.

The Scarecrow Kite has a telescopic mast that can be 5 or 7 meters in height. At the top of the mast, there is a kite shaped like a hawk. The scarecrow kite is made of a lightweight and durable material, allowing it to fly with a gentle breeze.

It’s important to change the location of the scarecrow kite periodically to prevent magpies from getting accustomed to its presence.

The article “Scarecrow Falcon – Unveiling the Keys to Its Operation” explains what exactly a Scarecrow Hawk is, how it works, where you can purchase the Eolo Hawk, and provides key tips and advice for its effective use.

In the online store of BirdGard Iberia, you can find all the information about these two visual bird repellents against magpies and conveniently place your order.