Tips for Choosing an Effective Owl Scarecrow

Surely on more than one occasion you have seen plastic owl or plastic crow figures on balconies or restaurant terraces to scare away birds. In this article, we will learn how to choose an effective Owl Scarecrow.

How do Visual Bird Repellers Work?

Visual bird repellers are one of the most economical methods to scare away birds.

Birds have a highly developed visual system. Vision is the most important sense in birds. That’s why birds are very responsive to visual repellers in the form of predators: plastic hawks, eagles, owls, or crows, etc.

The problem is that just as we have become accustomed to seeing these static scarecrow figures in the shape of plastic owls, crows, or eagles; birds, who are not fools, also become accustomed to them and they cease to be effective in their mission of keeping away annoying pigeons, sparrows, or other small birds…

Two Good Tips for Choosing an Effective Visual Bird Repeller

In order for a visual bird repeller to be effective in the long term for bird control, it needs to meet two fundamental conditions:

  1. It should introduce movement
  2. It should have the most realistic appearance possible

The Visual Bird Repeller Should Introduce Movement

Birds become accustomed to static plastic scarecrows and plastic owls. In order for a visual bird repeller to be effective in the long term, it must introduce some element of surprise in the form of movement that scares birds away.

The Visual Bird Repeller Should Have the Most Realistic Appearance Possible

The more realistic a visual bird repeller appears, the more effective it is.

Eolo Hawk Scarecrow

From our experience as experts in bird control, the Eolo Hawk Scarecrow is the best visual bird repeller on the market, at least so far. This is due to two reasons:

  • It is super realistic. In fact, if you see it from a distance, it looks like there is indeed a hawk flying in the area.
  • It has a lot of movement. The Eolo Hawk Scarecrow flies in all directions. When there is no breeze, the kite hangs from the mast. And when the wind picks up a bit, the hawk takes flight again. This creates a surprise effect that makes it more effective in the long term against birds.

If you want to know more about hawk scarecrows, we recommend the article: Hawk Scarecrow – Discover the key to its effectiveness, which explains how this visual bird repeller works and what the key usage tips are for it to be effective.

Owl Scarecrow

The Owl Scarecrow with Moving Wings is the second most effective in the category of visual bird repellers, but it is also a very interesting product.

It is a life-size reproduction of the Great Horned Owl. To our eyes, the Owl Scarecrow with Moving Wings is a really cool and realistic replica of an owl in a hunting position. To the eyes of birds, it is a danger to be kept away from.


It has a wingspan of 1.22m (4ft) with the wings extended. The careful design of the eyes, the posture in a hunting position, and the plumage make it more realistic and intimidating to birds.

Its wings are flexible and move naturally simply with the breeze. This gives it that surprise factor that makes it effective in the long term.

Other Visual Bird Repellers

In addition to the Hawk and Owl Scarecrows, there are many other visual bird repellers: scare-eye balloons, wind-activated owl heads, scare tapes, reflective owl scarecrow with bells, etc.

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