How to Prevent Pigeons from Perching on Windows and Balconies

Lourdes, from Pamplona, shares her experience with the anti-pigeon liquid repellent “AviFin Liquido” to prevent pigeons from perching on windows.

I live in Pamplona, on the sixth floor of a residential building. For years, I have had many issues with pigeons perching on my apartment windows and making a mess.

I’ve tried everything to keep pigeons away: owls with rotating heads, discs, tapes, spikes… But there was no way to scare them off. Specifically, with the spikes, unless you cover the entire area with them, they don’t do much good because the pigeons just gather around. Additionally, it is difficult to attach them to stone or cement surfaces. We tried anti-pigeon spikes for a while, but the pigeons would still gather around. Then, some of them came off during the rain, and now we have glue stains on the stone.

One day, I noticed that pigeons had nested on the building’s facade, in an inaccessible area but close to one of my apartment windows. That’s when I decided to look for a better solution to prevent pigeons from perching on windows.


I started using the BirdGard Iberia “Avifin Liquido” Pigeon Repellent in November 2020. I have been using it continuously for over a year now. So, I can confirm that AviFin Liquido anti-pigeon repellent works.

I spray the windowsills, where the pigeons perch, every 10 to 15 days or so. When you apply the anti-pigeon liquid, it smells like mint. So, it’s easy to tell when it’s time to reapply because the scent fades. Water eliminates the effect of the anti-pigeon liquid repellent. So, if it rains, I reapply the AviFin Liquido.

In my case, having several windows where pigeons perch, one bottle of AviFin Liquid lasts me over a month.

With consistent application, the AviFin Liquid anti-pigeon repellent works very well. After my positive experience, I gifted a bottle of AviFin repellent to my sister, who also had issues with pigeons perching on her balcony, and it has worked wonders for her as well.

Out of all the methods I’ve tried to combat pigeons: owls, discs, tapes, spikes… the anti-pigeon liquid has been the most effective. So, I recommend it, as long as it’s used consistently, of course.

Prevent Pigeons from Perching on Windows with AviFin Liquid: BirdGard Iberia Usage Tips

  • Before using the Pigeon Deterrent AviFin Liquido, carefully read the label of the Pigeon Repellent
  • Before applying the Pigeon Deterrent AviFin Liquid, clean the surface with water and dishwashing detergent or disinfectant. Allow the area where you will apply the AviFin Liquid Pigeon Repellent to dry until the surface is completely dry
  • It’s best to apply the Pigeon Deterrent AviFin Liquid when there is no rain or strong wind
  • Do not apply Pigeon Deterrent AviFin Liquid in enclosed spaces as it produces a strong odor. The AviFin Liquid Pigeon Repellent is recommended for open and well-ventilated spaces
  • Avoid contact with skin. It’s better to apply the AviFin Liquid Pigeon Repellent with gloves/goggles/protective mask to prevent the smell from lingering. If it gets on your skin, simply wash well to remove the odor
  • You can apply the Pigeon Deterrent AviFin Liquid in areas with plants. Apply it to the edges of planters or pots. Be careful not to apply it directly to the grass, green leaves, or woody parts of plants
  • For more information, request the safety data sheet
  • Apply the AviFin LiquidPigeon Repellent, by spraying the surface
  • Reapply the surface with the Pigeon Deterrent – AviFin Liquid every 2 to 3 days
    • Be persistent in applications until you achieve pigeons no longer perching on the surface
    • Keep in mind that pigeons are very stubborn birds and will want to return to the area they were used to. Therefore, to break their habit, it’s essential to persistently apply the AviFin Liquid Pigeon Repellent
  • Subsequently, you can space out the applications of the AviFin LiquidPigeon Repellent more widely

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If you want to prevent pigeons from perching on windows with the AviFin Liquido Pigeon Deterrent, you can conveniently purchase the product at the BirdGard Iberia online store.