Category: Woodpeckers

Woodpeckers drill into wood in search of larvae and insects to feed on. 

Act quickly if one of these birds has started making holes in your country house or shed… Or if it’s attacking your almond crop. Choose a natural method that does not harm them.

Bird Gard bioacoustic repellers are very effective in deterring woodpeckers, without causing any harm to these birds. These repellers emit natural bird sounds that make woodpeckers believe there is danger in the area, and they should flee.

Below you will find a selection of the best articles to help you learn how to deter woodpeckers.

You will also find references from some of our clients who explain the problems they had with these birds and how they managed to solve them with the bird control measures recommended by BirdGard Iberia.

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How to Repel Woodpeckers?

This article explains how to repel woodpeckers in country houses, gardens, and other areas. It discusses the methods to use for scaring them away and which methods should not be used.