How to scare off Martens and Squirrels

Miguel Unzue lives in Huarte (Navarra). There, Miguel has a chicken coop and a small vegetable garden where he grows tomatoes, lettuce… He also has a couple of hazelnut trees.

In the spring of 2018 Miguel had problems with a marten that entered his chicken coop and killed his chickens. That same summer, Miguel began to have problems with squirrels that left him without a hazelnut in the garden.

It was then that he looked for a solution to scare away the marten from his chicken coop and the squirrels from the hazelnut trees, and discovered the BirdGard Iberia online store for repellents.

What to do to prevent martens from eating chickens?

Miguel contacted BirdGard Iberia to explain his problem with the marten that attacked his chickens. One of the technicians at BirdGard Iberia recommended the installation of the Garden Protector 2 – WK0052 marten repellent, which scares away these animals without causing them any harm. Martens are a protected species.

At that time, he bought two repellents, installed them in two points of the chicken coop where he suspected the marten was entering, and they worked perfectly! Since then, the marten did not enter the chicken coop again, and he did not lose any more chickens.

What to do to prevent squirrels from eating hazelnuts?

Given the good results he had with the marten repellents in the chicken coop, he decided to try these same ultrasound repellents with the squirrels.

He installed the two repellents in the hazelnut trees hanging from the branches with adhesive tapes, as we can see in the photos, and pointing to the areas where Miguel had already seen the squirrels climb.

In Miguel’s own words:

“I am delighted with the results of the Garden Protector 2 – WK0052 squirrel repeller. I no longer have squirrels in the hazelnut tree. Finally, we are the ones who can enjoy the hazelnuts.”

Miguel Unzue

This year Miguel has purchased three new WK0052 repellers to hang on his hazelnut trees to protect them from squirrels and to continue to protect his henhouse in case martens attack again.

“One of the marten and squirrel repellers I bought in 2018 was stolen from the henhouse, and the other one stopped working properly over the years. So this year I replaced three new WK0052 repellers. I am delighted with them. They are a good investment to continue protecting my hens from marten attacks and to be able to continue enjoying our hazelnuts without squirrels eating them all.”

Miguel Unzue

How does the Garden Protector 2 – WK0052 marten and squirrel repellent work?


The Garden Protector 2 – Mod. WK0052 marten and squirrel repellent has a motion sensor that detects the animal passing by: the marten, or the squirrel… At that moment, it emits an ultrasonic beep. This scares the animal which quickly flees the area. If this happens every time the animal tries to approach the protected area, eventually the animal learns to avoid that area and looks for other places to feed.

In addition, the WK0052 has the option to activate a flash of light. So when the animal passes by, the repellent not only emits an ultrasonic beep, but also a flash of light. This is especially useful if the animal tries to approach the area at night, as the flash of light can scare the animal even more.

The Garden Protector 2 has different levels of ultrasonic frequency that can be easily adjusted by turning a dial, depending on the animals to be repelled. This equipment is not only used to repel martens or squirrels, but also to repel: cats, rabbits, foxes, herons, ferrets, weasels…

The device can work well with batteries or connected to the electrical grid, and can be used outdoors. It doesn’t need protection from rain.

Conclusion – How to Repel Martens and Squirrels

Therefore, if you have problems with cats entering your garden, rabbits attacking your garden, squirrels stealing your hazelnuts, martens killing your chickens or problems with ferrets, weasels, foxes, or herons… do not hesitate, get your ultrasonic animal repeller Garden Protector 2 at BirdGard Iberia, “expert online store in repellents”, and solve the problem in a very economical and respectful way with the animals.