Deer Whistle for Car: Minimize the risk of road collisions with deer, wild boar, and more.

Traffic accidents caused by collisions with wildlife are a common issue on our roads, especially in rural areas with a large presence of game species like wild boar and roe deer.

These collisions pose a danger to both humans and animals. For instance, animals such as foxes and hares can die from the impact, accounting for up to 50% of total fatalities.

During the autumn and winter months, the risk of accidents increases significantly due to weather conditions and shorter daylight hours.

To help mitigate this issue and prevent accidents, Deer Whistles for Cars are available. These devices are very easy to install and do not require batteries. They work with the wind, activating when the car exceeds 31 mph (50 km/h), emitting an ultrasonic sound that alerts animals to the approaching vehicle, allowing them to escape before a collision occurs, thus protecting both you and your passengers.


Deer Whistle for Car

Deer Whistles for Cars serve as an alert system for animals, warning them of your vehicle’s proximity and thus helping to prevent collisions. The devices are eco-friendly and safe for the environment, as they do not emit harmful or polluting substances.

How should they be installed?

Deer Whistle for Car
  1. They can be installed on any part of the vehicle exposed to airflow and not obstructed by other elements.
  2. Some recommended locations are rearview mirrors, the front bumper, or the top of the hood.
  3. Attach the Deer Whistle for Car to your chosen location using the adhesive layer on the back of the device.
  4. Before sticking them on, clean the vehicle area with water and soap, and then alcohol to remove any remaining oil, wax, or other substances to increase adhesion.
  5. Dry the area thoroughly and firmly stick them to the chosen location.
  6. Ensure the wide opening of the Deer Whistle for Car is facing the road to receive air and produce the ultrasonic sound.
  7. The ultrasonic sound wave produced by the devices will alert wild animals to your vehicle’s approach, giving them enough time to move away from the road.
  8. Drive cautiously and obey traffic signs. The animal deterrent for cars helps prevent accidents but is not infallible, nor does it replace responsible driving.

These Deer Whistles for Cars are suitable for any car or motorcycle. They are especially useful for electric or hybrid cars, as these vehicles make very little noise, and animals often do not detect them on the road as easily.