How to prevent wild boars from damaging the lawn

One of BirdGard Iberia’s clients shares their experience

Wild boar pests cause enormous damage to farms, gardens, meadows…. Jose Carlos Larramendi (hereafter JC) is well aware of the problem, and in this article, he recounts how he has managed to prevent wild boars from damaging the lawn on his property, thanks to the bioacustic repeller by Bird Gard.

“I give it a gold medal. I recommend Bird Gard’s wild boar sonic repeller to anyone facing wild boar pest issues.”

Jose Carlos Larramendi

Wild Boar Pests were Destroying the Meadows on His Property


JC lives on a rustic estate in the Gerona area. The house is located within a forested area, surrounded by natural meadows, and also features a native plant nursery.

Among his professional activities, JC offers gardening services: designing projects for new gardens and providing advice on existing ones to minimize water consumption, the use of chemicals, promoting the use of local plants, and replacing lawns with drought-resistant meadows.

Every autumn, JC faced the same problem: wild boar pests would enter his rustic property at night and destroy the meadows. The damage they caused was tremendous. The wild boars would tear up the meadows, creating large and deep holes in search of food: earthworms and soil insects.


In search of an effective and definitive solution to wild boar pests

In the autumn of 2018, tired of ineffective wild boar repellents, he decided to seek a professional and effective solution to prevent wild boars from damaging the lawn.


He contacted BirdGard Iberia and acquired an acoustic repeller to scare away wild boars from his property. That same autumn, he put it into operation, and the results were remarkable. The wild boar pests stopped entering his property, and he no longer had any more damage to his meadows.

“Gold Medal” for Bird Gard’s wild boar repeller

JC has been using the wild boar repeller from Bird Gard for over two years and comments:

“I give it a gold medal. It continues to work just as well as the first day. I recommend Bird Gard’s wild boar repeller to anyone facing wild boar pest issues. And I’m available if they want to contact me and learn more about my experience.”

Installation tips for achieving the best results and preventing wild boars from damaging the lawn

Regarding the installation of the wild boar deterrent, JC advises:

“To achieve good results, it is crucial to install the speakers that come with the equipment at a certain height, clearing obstacles and trees to achieve the best coverage. As you can see in the photo, I have the speaker positioned about 4 meters high on a pole.

I also have it set to emit sounds approximately every 8 minutes. This means that if there is a wild boar in the area, during the 8-minute interval when the repeller is silent, the wild boar might enter the property. However, if it does, it won’t cause significant damage. At most, it might leave some marks on the meadow. Because as soon as the repeller starts emitting sounds again, the wild boar gets scared and flees from the property.”

In the areas that are not protected by Bird Gard’s repeller, outside the range of the speakers, wild boars freely dig up fields and ditches. This indicates that they are there but not entering the areas where the sounds are noticeable to them.”

JC has installed cameras and also monitors the movement of these animals and others in the area, such as foxes, badgers, hares, and rabbits.


The “Super Pro PA4” repeller emits intimidating sounds for wild boars: hunting dog barks, shotgun shots, and various distress calls of the boars themselves (grunts and squeals). When wild boars hear these sounds, they understand that another member of the group is warning them of a problem, that they are being attacked. They get scared and immediately flee from the area.

Regarding whether the sounds emitted by the deterrent are bothersome, JC comments:

“My house is on the property, and I live there. The wild boar repeller is set to emit sounds every night, but it doesn’t bother me. The equipment is on the west side of the property, and all the rooms have double windows, so even the ones facing west hardly hear it.”

The sound emission is not constant or repetitive. The sounds are emitted in a completely random pattern, in a different order, at different frequency levels, through different speakers. All this variability generated by the “Super Pro PA4” prevents wild boars from getting used to the sounds. JC confirms this:

“Wild boars don’t get accustomed to this equipment from BirdGard Iberia. I’ve been using it for over two years, and it works just as well as the first day. Like I said, it deserves a gold medal.”


If you want to learn more about the characteristics of wild boars, their habitat, breeding periods, and offspring, we recommend reading the article: “Repelling Wild Boars. Homemade Tricks and Professional Solutions“.

If you need to prevent wild boars from destroying the lawn, get your “Super Pro PA4” deterrent today. Available through the BirdGard Iberia online store.