Safeguard Your Pond Life with Floating Pond Protectors and Motion Activated Sprinklers

A tranquil pond, filled with the vibrant hum of aquatic life, can transform a garden into a peaceful sanctuary. The flash of colorful koi or goldfish, the graceful lilies floating on the water’s surface, the melody of a gently trickling waterfall – all these elements blend together to create a soothing natural symphony. Yet, this calm oasis can be threatened by unexpected visitors: herons, cats, and other curious or hungry predators. The presence of these creatures can not only disrupt the tranquillity but can also lead to the loss of your valued fish and other pond dwellers.

Herons, Cats, and other Predators on your pond

Herons, with their keen eyes and long, sharp beaks, are skilled fish hunters, while cats may succumb to their natural predatory instincts, treating your serene pond as a personal buffet. Other wildlife might also see your pond as an alluring attraction. Traditional solutions like unsightly netting may not always provide the best defense, and a determined predator can often find a way to a potential meal.

Protect your Pond from unwelcome visitors

There are two products that can help you maintain the harmony of your garden sanctuary: Floating Pond Protectors and Motion Activated Sprinklers. These unique, humane solutions offer effective protection, keeping your aquatic inhabitants safe and your pond’s tranquillity undisturbed.

Floating Pond Protectors

Floating Pond Protectors serve as a physical deterrent to pond predators. Arranged across the water’s surface, these protectors form an unobtrusive barrier, dissuading herons and cats from approaching your fish. Despite their functional design, they blend seamlessly into your pond environment, preserving its aesthetic beauty.


Installation is simple, and their flexible design allows for use in ponds of various sizes and shapes. Beyond serving as a deterrent, the Floating Pond Protectors also offer shade, contributing to a healthier pond ecosystem by reducing sunlight exposure, which can help control algae growth. And, for your fish, these protectors create excellent hiding spots, offering them a sense of safety.

Motion Activated Sprinklers

Motion Activated Sprinklers are an ingenious solution to ward off pesky intruders. Using advanced infrared technology, the motion activated sprinkler detects the movement of approaching animals. Upon sensing an intruder, it triggers a sudden, robust jet of water. This unexpected spray deters animals without causing them any harm, and its adjustable settings allow you to control the detection range and spray arc.


This sprinkler is an environmentally friendly, non-harmful deterrent, making it a responsible choice for protecting your pond. With its ability to ward off a variety of animals – from cats and dogs to herons and deer – it provides comprehensive protection for your garden sanctuary.

Peace of Mind for Pond Owners

At BirdGard Iberia, our mission is to offer you peace of mind. With the Floating Pond Protectors and the Motion Activated Sprinkler, you can relax, knowing that your pond is well-guarded against predators. Whether used individually or in combination, these innovative solutions ensure the safety of your pond’s aquatic life.

Discover the benefits of these and other humane, effective pest control solutions at BirdGard Iberia, and reclaim the tranquility of your garden pond.