StopGull Air XL protects docks from seagulls.

Success Story: The Roses Marina uses StopGull Air XL seagull deterrents to protect their docks from seagulls and other coastal birds.

The Marina of Roses provides service to 485 boats. This summer, the municipal company of Roses City Council, responsible for the marina’s operation, decided to test StopGull Air bird deterrents to protect the harbor from seagulls.


Anna Martí, Technical Director of the Marina of Roses, comments on this:

This summer, we made an initial purchase of ten StopGull Air devices to deter seagulls from the harbor. The devices worked very well. In the areas where we installed them, the seagulls have left.

Given the positive results, we added six more StopGull Air XL units to protect the docks and other areas of the harbor from seagulls.

Anna Martí, Roses Marina


What is the StopGull Air?

The StopGull Air XL bird deterrent is designed to prevent seagulls and other coastal birds from landing on harbors, docks, piers, boats, rooftops, or wherever it is installed.

The StopGull Air is a very simple device. It consists of a central body from which two rotating arms extend. These arms end in blue wind vanes. The wind vanes cause the arms to spin with just a gentle breeze.

How big is the StopGull Air XL?

The StopGull Air bird deterrent is available in two versions, depending on the span of its blades:

  • StopGull Air: its blades span 1.85 meters (6.07 feet) in diameter.
  • StopGull Air XL: its blades span 2.34 meters (7.68 feet) in diameter.

Both the StopGull Air and the StopGull Air XL measure 16 cm (6.3 inches) in height. 

Do these bird deterrents require batteries?

No, the StopGull Air does not need batteries. It operates through the action of the wind. The gentle breeze of the wind on the wind vanes causes the StopGull Air’s arms to spin. This prevents birds from landing in the area.

Where can I install the StopGull Air?

There are several different accessories that allow you to install the StopGull Air at various locations, depending on your needs: pontoons, docks, piers, roofs… You can also use it on all types of boats: professional vessels, cabin fishing boats, inflatable boats, hard-top yachts, sailboats, etc…

Both the StopGull Air and the StopGull Air XL can be secured to the base with screws or industrial adhesive. But you can also choose from some of their optional supports to help you install them wherever you need:

  • Open Bimini Support, allows you to install the StopGull Air on the bimini arch when it is open.
  • Handrail Support, has two positions: vertical and horizontal. It adapts to tubes of 22 to 38 mm (0.87 to 1.5 inches) in diameter.
  • Large Rail Support, allows you to install your StopGull Air on handrails from 38 mm to 110 mm (1.5 to 4.33 inches) in diameter.
  • Suction Cup Support, allows you to place the StopGull Air on smooth surfaces such as hatches, outboard engines, etc…
  • Closed Bimini and Boom Support, is used to place the StopGull Air on all types of biminis and booms.
  • Inflatable Boat Support Kit, allows you to install the StopGull Air bird deterrent on any type of inflatable boat and all of its widths. The Kit includes: an acrylic fabric support with flexible straps and four attachment hooks at the ends (two for each side); it also includes a telescopic mast for final tensioning.
  • Boat Vent 3 with optional Telescopic Mast. The Boat Vent 3 protects your boat from damage caused by moisture, mold, fungi, and bacteria. Additionally, this model includes a direct attachment to place the StopGull Air on the Boat Vent 3.
  • Sandbag Support, consists of a UV-protected acryliccanvas bag filled with 4 kg (8.8 lbs) of non-absorbent sand, which serves as a counterweight for the StopGull Air. The Roses Marina has used Sandbag Supports to place the StopGull Air XL bird deterrent directly on the marina docks, without permanently attaching them to the dock with industrial adhesive or screws. In this way, the StopGull Air XL bird deterrents are very easy to remove, depending on the occupancy of the berths by boats. In autumn/winter, when many marinas are left without boats, the StopGull Air XL can be left in place permanently. This prevents seagulls, cormorants, and other seabirds from covering the facilities with droppings.

Does the StopGull Air only work for scaring away seagulls?

The StopGull Air prevents any type of bird from perching in the area where it is installed.

The birds that cause the most problems in ports are seagulls and other marine birds like cormorants. They are large birds, and their droppings create a lot of dirt, hygiene issues, and costly maintenance problems for port authorities and boat owners.

Is it robust?

Yes, the StopGull Air is made in Spain using top-quality nautical materials. It withstands strong winds of over 70 knots and temperatures ranging between -58°F and 302°F.

Does the StopGull Air XL take up a lot of space on the boat? How do I store it?

The StopGull Air is easily foldable. If you’re using the StopGull Air XL on your boat, you should fold it while sailing to prevent it from getting lost.

Does it harm birds?

No, the StopGull Air bird deterrent is completely bird-friendly and environmentally safe. It doesn’t cause any harm to birds. The birds simply understand that the area protected by the StopGull Air is not suitable for perching, and they look for other spots. It is entirely eco-friendly. It does not require batteries and operates with the breeze.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the StopGull Air


  • Highly effective. Prevents seagulls and other birds from perching in the area.
  • Humane and environmentally friendly.
  • No batteries needed.
  • Quiet operation. Does not generate any noise disturbances.
  • Versatile. Thanks to its wide range of optional supports, it can be installed on any part of a boat, on docks, piers, roofs, etc.
  • Easy to install and remove when not needed.
  • Very cost-effective.
  • Sturdy design. Made in Spain with top-quality materials.


  • Limited protection area. The StopGull Air covers a 1.85-meter (6.07 ft) diameter, and the StopGull Air XL covers a 2.34-meter (7.68 ft) diameter.

Why is it worth buying the StopGull Air XL at BirdGard Iberia?

Many port authorities and boat owners choose the StopGull Air seagull deterrent because it is an effective, cost-efficient solution that is very easy to install, does no harm to coastal birds, and does not generate noise disturbances.

At BirdGard Iberia, we specialize in bird repellent devices. So not only do we provide you with the StopGull Air seagull deterrent, but we also offer personalized and free advice on where and how to install it. Additionally, if you encounter any issues over time, we will supply any replacement parts you may need.