How to Repel Seagulls

This article presents the three best solutions to repel seagulls:

Seagulls flying on the horizon, approaching the sea to catch their prey, or soaring in the blue sky… these are always beautiful sights. However, in many cases, seagulls cause a lot of problems. The good news is that there are very effective solutions to repel seagulls without causing them any harm.

Problems Caused by Seagulls

deter seagulls

Seagulls are intelligent birds capable of establishing complex communication systems within their groups.

Seagulls are carnivorous birds that feed on both live fish and crabs, as well as human food and waste. Because they feed on our waste, seagulls cause a lot of problems:

  • Seagulls bother tourists – who want to enjoy a peaceful meal on the terrace of their favorite hotel or restaurant.
    • One of our clients who owns a hotel in Cadiz told us how some seagulls had even attacked children on the hotel terrace to steal food.
    • Weeks later, we read in the press that a similar case – of seagulls attacking people – was also happening on the south coast of England.
  • Seagulls dirty ports and their droppings corrode boat paint.
  • Seagulls make a peaceful swim in the pool a “mission impossible.” Their droppings dirty the water and can be a source of contagion.
  • Seagulls prevent us from enjoying our terraces and gardens.
  • Seagulls pollute the waters of small reservoirs and can be a source of diseases.
  • Seagulls perch on buildings, factories, etc., leaving a lot of dirt in their wake.
  • Seagulls bother customers on golf courses.
  • Seagulls can cause accidents at airports.
  • Seagulls are a source of diseases and contamination – especially in areas near landfills – where seagull infestations can reach unexpected dimensions.

We could continue listing many situations that our clients tell us about when contacting BirdGard Iberia, seeking a solution to repel seagulls. But it is more interesting to move on to explaining which solution is most effective in deterring seagulls

BirdGard Pro #20 – The most effective solution for repelling seagulls

For all clients who have contacted us, asking how to repel seagulls, we have been able to provide an effective solution: BirdGard Pro #20 Seagull Deterrent.

Deter Seagulls with Bird Gard Pro Deterrent

The BirdGard Pro #20 is specifically designed to repel seagulls. It works through audible sounds. It emits a combination of natural bird sounds, which deter seagulls:

  • Seagull distress calls – signaling to their species that there is danger and they must leave the area,
  • Sounds of seagull predators – such as eagles and hawks,

The effectiveness of the BirdGard Pro #20 against seagulls is immediate. From the moment the device is activated, seagulls can be seen leaving the area, frightened by the sounds of the Bird Gard seagull deterrent.

Deter Seagulls – Frequently Asked Questions

Question: “We’ve activated the BirdGard seagull repeller, and the seagulls have disappeared, but… will it continue to be effective over time?”

The answer is a resounding YES. Unlike other bird deterrents on the market, Bird Gard seagull repellers constantly change the frequency, duration, and pattern of the sounds they emit. This prevents seagulls from getting used to the sounds. As a result, the Bird Gard seagull repeller remains effective, year after year.

Additionally, unlike other sound deterrents on the market, the BirdGard Pro #20 features the best combination of high-fidelity recordings specifically designed to deter seagulls.

Question: “I can’t use the BirdGard Pro #20 bioacoustic deterrent because I need a quiet solution against seagulls. Do you recommend installing an ultrasonic seagull deterrent?”

The answer is a resounding NO. We do not recommend an ultrasonic deterrent for deterring seagulls. We have the most powerful ultrasonic deterrent on the market in our catalog: the UltraSonX, but we do not recommend it against seagulls. From our many years of experience, ultrasonic devices are not effective in the long term for deterring seagulls. They may cause some initial discomfort, but it is usually not enough, and they soon get used to it.

In some cases, it may not be feasible to use the BirdGard Pro #20 seagull deterrent because a quiet solution is needed in the area where seagulls must be deterred. In those cases, we recommend either the installation of the Eolo Scarecrow Hawk, or the StopGull Air Anti-Seagull.

Eolo Scarecrow Hawk – The Best Visual Seagull Deterrent

The Scarecrow Hawk is designed so that, with just a slight breeze, it appears as if there is a hawk flying in the area. When seagulls see it, they believe there is a predator, and they stay away from the area. It provides excellent results in deterring seagulls!

The Scarecrow Hawk consists of a 5 or 7-meter mast, which is anchored to the ground. At the top of the mast, there is a kite that simulates the shape of a hawk.

Please note that in order for the effectiveness of the Scarecrow Hawk to be maintained over time and to prevent seagulls from getting used to its presence, it is advisable to change its position periodically.

For more information about the Scarecrow Hawk against seagulls, we recommend the article: “Scarecrow Hawk. Discover the keys to its operation”.

This video shows how to repel seagulls from the attic with the Eolo Scarecrow Hawk.

StopGull Air – Seagull Deterrent for Boats, Ports…

Along our entire coastline, there is a very common problem of marine birds perching on boats, ports… The problems are caused especially by seagulls, but also by cormorants, pelicans, and other coastal birds.

When seagulls perch on boats, their droppings dirty the boat decks.

Also, as seagull droppings are very acidic, if not cleaned quickly, they can corrode boat paint, and the repair is very costly.

Boat owners often need a silent solution to repel seagulls from their boats. For them, we recommend the StopGull Air Seagull Deterrent for Boats:

  • StopGull Air – Economical and highly effective solution
    • Install the StopGull Air Anti-Seagull for Boats and prevent seagulls from dirtying and damaging your boat.
  • Very robust product, no batteries required
    • The StopGull Air consists of arms that continuously rotate with the slightest breeze.
    • By continuously rotating the blades, the Seagull Deterrent for Boats prevents seagulls and other birds from landing on boats.
    • Made in Spain. Excellent quality
  • Coverage Area, choose from different models
    • The StopGull Air model covers an area of 1.85 meters (6.07 feet) in diameter.
    • The StopGull Air XL model covers an area of 2.34 meters (7.68 feet) in diameter.
  • Easy installation
    • The Seagull Deterrent for Boats can be installed in virtually any part of the boat and is suitable for all types of vessels: cabin cruisers, biminis, yachts with hard-tops, inflatables, etc..
    • Visit the BirdGard Iberia online store to see all the optional accessories for the Stop Gull Air Seagull Deterrent for boats.
    • As you can see in the video below, the installation of the Anti-Seagull for Boats is very simple. It can be easily folded and stowed away during navigation.

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How to Repel Seagulls – Conclusions

We hope this article on how to repel seagulls has been useful to you. You can find all the recommended products in this article at the BirdGard Iberia online store.

If you have any additional questions or are unsure of which solution to apply in your case, do not hesitate to contact BirdGard Iberia. One of our experts will advise you for free on the best solution for your specific case.