Case Study: Repelling Geese with the Agrilaser Handheld Laser

Jos Drion, manager of a retirement home, explains how he managed to repel geese from the residence’s gardens using the Agrilaser Handheld laser.

Problems with geese in the residence’s gardens


Jos Drion is the manager of Fleur√Ęge Residences, a luxurious retirement home in the Netherlands.

The residence is located on a large estate, with gardens, many trees, and water.

This privileged habitat attracted a population of 150 Egyptian geese years ago, which settled in the residence’s gardens.

The geese made a tremendous noise every morning, disturbing the rest of the elderly in the residence.

Jos Drion explains the problem:

We had a goose infestation in our gardens. We counted up to 150 specimens. Geese are very territorial and have the unpleasant habit of fighting for their territory at dawn. This caused a tremendous noise.

In addition to the noise, the geese scared away native animals such as ducks and songbirds from the garden, which have always lived with us.

The Agrilaser Handheld laser was the solution to repel the geese

Jos Drion, the residence manager, continues:

Egyptian geese are protected birds, and therefore, the municipality could not do anything to remove them.

So, I searched the internet for solutions that airports use to deal with this problem and came across a video of the Agrilaser Handheld laser repeller.

It seemed like a good solution to repel the geese from our residence, and I bought it.

I started using the laser on January 4th. At dawn, I walked through the garden with the Agrilaser Handheld to repel the geese. After four days, the geese were gone and did not return. It has been an absolute success. Geese quickly get used to firecrackers and other tricks to repel them. But fortunately, they are not smart enough to get used to the laser.

In addition to avoiding the noise of geese at dawn, another benefit of the geese disappearing was that other native bird species, which we have always coexisted with in the garden, returned to the area.

Since then, I have the Agrilaser Handheld close by. Every time I see a pair of geese in the garden, I point the laser at them to repel them and prevent them from settling here. Also, the good thing about the Agrilaser Handheld is that even if there are ducks nearby that are welcome in our garden, with the laser I can target only the Egyptian geese and drive them away.”

More information about the Agrilaser Handheld Laser Repeller


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