How to remove birds from a warehouse – Inasur shares its experience

This article about removing birds from a warehouse is a reproduction of the news published by Interempresas about the specific case of the company Inasur and how they managed to prevent the problems of dirt and additional maintenance costs caused by the birds that entered their warehouses.

About Inasur and the problem with birds entering the warehouses

Inasur is a prominent company in the poultry sector. Their main activity is the production and marketing of chicken. They have over 30 years of experience in the sector. And a clear commitment to doing things right.

Inasur has several poultry farms spread throughout Andalusia. They also have factories for the production of compound feed, incubation rooms, etc.

José Liñán, Head of Maintenance at Inasur in Úbeda (Jaén), contacted BirdGard Iberiaa leading company in bird control solutions.  In one of the factories Inasur has for the production of compound feed, they had a significant problem with birds entering the warehouse.

Liñán described the problem as follows:

“In the warehouse we see in the photos, the sparrows nest above the windows, in the gaps of the corrugated sheeting. Everything is glazed and airtight, but – despite that – birds enter the warehouse

“In this video, you can hear the noise of the factory. Also, the singing of the sparrows, and even some birds flying in the warehouse

“We need to remove these birds from the warehouse and prevent the dirt problems they create” – Liñán explained to BirdGard Iberia.

Recommended solution to remove birds from a warehouse

After reviewing the photos and video of the birds in the warehouse, BirdGard Iberia recommended two products for Inasur to remove the birds from the warehouse:


For the inside of the warehouse – the Bird Repeller Bird Gard Pro with chip #62:

  • Sonic repeller
  • Specific for Combating Sparrows
  • Provides up to 0.6 hectares of coverage
  • This sonic repeller emits a combination of distress calls of the birds to be repelled, along with predator sounds such as hawks, eagles, sparrowhawks… and other electronic harassment sounds.

For the outside of the warehouse, the installation of Anti-Bird Hawks: was advised.

  • The Flying Hawk Bird Scarer is an excellent complement to the sonic repeller
  • BirdGard Iberia recommended Inasur to place each Flying Hawk Bird Scarer near the warehouse entrance doors, to prevent birds from entering the building.

Inasur followed BirdGard Iberia’s recommendations to remove the birds from the warehouse. They acquired the recommended bird control solutions and proceeded to install the sonic repeller Bird Gard Pro #62 to remove sparrows from inside the building, and to install two Anti-Bird Hawks for the exterior:

  • Inasur has installed one of the Anti-Bird Hawks in the area of  hoppers and storage silos and flour chute.
  • Meanwhile, the second Flying Hawk Bird Scarer is placed near the grain discharge hatches. A place where many sparrows and pigeons used to gather.
  • In turn, the sonic repeller Bird Gard Pro #62 is installed at one end of the building, protecting the interior from the presence of birds.

Results obtained: “Not a single bird inside the building”

Several months have passed since the installation of the bird control solutions recommended by BirdGard Iberia to remove birds from the warehouse, and José Liñán comments on the results obtained:

“As you can see in the video, there is not a single bird inside the building anymore. It has been spectacular! The sparrows left the warehouse as soon as we put the sonic repeller into operation.”

“However, we take the precaution of changing the position of the sonic repeller every week, moving it from one end of the building to the other. This way, we ensure that the sounds do not always come from the same point, and thus prevent birds from becoming accustomed to them.”

“The anti-bird hawks we have outside are very realistic imitations of flying hawks. When seen from a distance, it looks like we actually have hawks guarding the area. In fact, we have already extended the bird control solutions recommended by BirdGard Iberia to protect our other farms in Andalusia.”

“For example, in this video you can see the installation of new flying hawk bird scarers at another one of our integrated farms, where it was very important for us to avoid the presence of pigeons and other birds, and thus prevent potential diseases that these birds can cause.”

José Liñán, Maintenance Manager of Inasur – Industria Avícola Sureña concludes: “I recommend this solution to any company that has problems with birds entering their buildings. Our experience has been completely positive. It has solved the problem. It is a very effective solution”.

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