Repel Sparrows

This article offers good recommendations on how to repel sparrows. Additionally:

Before Repelling Sparrows, what should we know about these birds

Everyone knows sparrows well. They are very common birds, and we are used to seeing them. However, it is useful to remember some facts that will help us later to repel sparrows more effectively.

Repel Sparrows
  • General Information about Sparrows:
    • Sparrows (Passer domesticus) are very common birds. They are everywhere in our towns and cities, all year round.
    • They are small birds. This allows them to sneak into, and even nest in, the smallest spaces.
    • Sparrows are very adaptable birds, and – contrary to what many people might think – they can be very aggressive. Sparrows do not hesitate to attack other bird species, destroy their nests and eggs…
  • Feeding of sparrows: Sparrows feed on seeds, livestock feed, grain, larvae, and small insects. In urban areas, sparrows mainly take advantage of waste and leftovers left by humans.
  • Breeding and life periods of sparrows:
    • Typically, sparrows build their nests in spring and lay eggs from April to August.
    • They usually lay 3 to 5 eggs, which are incubated for about 2 weeks. Sparrow chicks begin to fly at 15 days old.
    • Sparrows are very long-lived birds, which can live up to 15 years.
  • Sparrow flocks: Sparrows are gregarious birds that live in flocks. Sparrow flocks are much larger after the breeding season. They can be very noisy, especially in the evening when they gather in trees.

Why Repel Sparrows. What are the most common problems they cause

As we have seen in the previous point, sparrows congregate in large numbers. The main problem is their droppings, which dirty the area where they perch and leave it filthy. In addition to the dirt and material damage they cause, their droppings can cause health problems and be a source of diseases.

Being so small, they can slip into and even nest in the smallest cracks. Sometimes they use the insulation material of buildings to build their nests.

Since sparrows are such common birds, we really find them everywhere: in cities, in the countryside, on farms, in industrial areas… Let’s see below why repelling sparrows and what are the most common problems they cause in these cases.

Repelling Sparrows on Farms

As we can see in the video, on farms, sparrows eat the feed of cows, pigs, chickens, and other animals. They are a source of diseases for livestock.

Repelling Sparrows from the Garden

Sparrow infestations damage crops. Sparrows eat seeds and peck at fruit trees, strawberries, etc…

Repelling Sparrows from a Warehouse

  • During the loading process of goods into trucks, when warehouse or industrial building doors are open, sparrows sneak inside, soiling and damaging the stored material.
  • The food industry needs even more anti-sparrow solutions. The presence of sparrows causes hygiene problems and prevents them from passing food audits.
  • Sparrows can sneak through even small cracks in warehouses and storage facilities, potentially creating a health problem inside due to their droppings, feather remains, etc.
  • In this regard, we recommend reading some success stories:

Repelling Sparrows from Terraces, Bars, Restaurants

Sparrows bother customers on the terraces of bars and restaurants, eating the leftovers left by customers, as we can see in this video.

Repelling Sparrows from Gardens and Buildings

Sparrows cause significant damage to gardens, especially lawns. They also damage the structure of houses and other buildings by making their nests in the smallest cracks, under tiles, etc…

Recommendations Before Installing a Sparrow Repeller

Before installing a sparrow repeller, we have two very simple recommendations that will help you considerably improve the effectiveness of your anti-sparrow solution:

  • Clean the area of droppings, feathers, or any other element that is a sign of the presence of these birds. Be extra careful in the task, using gloves and a mask.
  • On terraces, bars, restaurants, gardens… avoid leaving food remains. Use trash cans and closed garbage containers that are not accessible to sparrows.

How to Repel Sparrows

The Most Effective Solution Against Sparrows

The most effective solution for repelling sparrows is the Bird Gard Sparrow Repeller with chip #62. This device is specifically designed to repel sparrows and only sparrows. The device emits audible sounds to scare the sparrows, frighten them, and make them flee the area. The sounds do not affect livestock or pets.


The sounds emitted by the sparrow repeller are of three types:

  • High-quality reproductions of different sparrow distress calls.
  • Raptor sounds to repel sparrows. Specifically, sounds of hawks and falcons.
  • Electronic harassment sounds to repel sparrows.

The Bird Gard sparrow repeller emits these sounds to scare the sparrows. Then it goes silent. After a random and configurable interval of silence, it emits sounds again. Unlike other bird repellers:

  • The sounds of Bird Gard are specific against sparrows
  • These sounds vary continuously. They are emitted randomly, at different frequencies, and at different intervals
  • This facilitates the long-term effectiveness of the sparrow repeller and makes it difficult for sparrows to become accustomed.

There are different models of Bird Gard sparrow repellers, depending on the size of the area that needs to be protected against sparrows:

Bird Gard is the world leader in sound bird repellers. With over 25 years of experience, it offers a 100% money-back guarantee on the equipment’s price if you are not satisfied with the results obtained. If you need to repel sparrows, don’t take risks and experience the effectiveness of these Bird Gard bioacoustic sparrow repellers.

How to Scare Sparrows Away – Other Alternative Products

In the cases we have previously discussed, where sparrows can cause many problems, there are situations where an audible sound repeller may not be viable due to the noise pollution it creates. For these cases, we explain alternative methods to combat sparrows.

Raptor Silhouettes for Scaring Away Sparrows

The main predators of sparrows are owls, hawks, and falcons. The presence of these predators scares sparrows and causes them to leave the area.

The raptor silhouettes for scaring away sparrows, which we present to you below, are realistic, moving replicas of sparrows’ predators. Keep in mind that not just any figure of an owl, crow, eagle, or falcon will suffice for scaring off sparrows. If you have any doubts about this, we recommend reading the article “Recommendations for Choosing an Effective Scarecrow Figure”.

If you plan to install raptor silhouettes for scaring away sparrows, whether it’s an owl scarecrow or a hawk kite, remember that it’s a good idea to change its position periodically. Remove it when the problem has disappeared or the pressure from sparrows has decreased. Put it back in place if you notice that the sparrows are reappearing in your area.

Owl Scarecrow

The owl is a natural predator of sparrows. It is best to place an owl scarecrow in the tree where the sparrows have their nests and position it prominently for them to see. The hunting stance of the Prowler Owl scarecrow, along with the realistic movement of its wings, make it an interesting solution for combating sparrows.

Falcon Scarecrow

The Falcon Scarecrow is a kite anchored to the ground with a 5 or 7-meter telescopic mast, simulating a falcon’s flight. It is a more effective solution than the owl scarecrow, as it is much more realistic and has more movement than the owl, which only moves its wings. If you are interested in the Eolo Falcon, we recommend reading the article “Falcon Scarecrow. Discover the Keys to Its Functioning”.

Ultrasonic Devices for Sparrows


The most powerful Ultrasonic Repeller on the market is the UltraSonX. We only recommend ultrasonic devices for repelling sparrows:

  • In a closed or semi-closed area, such as a porch on a terrace.
  • In an area no larger than 350 square meters.
  • When an audible sound repeller is not viable.
  • In these cases, it is necessary to complement the ultrasonic repeller with a visual sparrow repeller. The synergistic action of ultrasonics with the visual repeller will significantly increase the effectiveness in sparrow control. Ultrasonics alone will not be effective enough in the long term to repel sparrows.

Laser Technology for Repelling Sparrows

If you are looking for a laser to scare away sparrows, there are different products available depending on whether you want an automatic or manual bird repellent laser, and if you need to operate the laser indoors or in an open area.

Remember that the laser repellent works best for controlling sparrows in dark or low-light environments.

How to Repel Sparrows Conclusions

We hope that this article on how to repel sparrows has been helpful to you. You can find all the recommended products in this article at the BirdGard Iberia online store.

If you have any additional questions or are unsure about which solution to apply in your situation, please do not hesitate to contact BirdGard Iberia. One of our experts will advise you for free on the best solution for your specific case.