Broadband Pro Repeller – Frequently Asked Questions

To repel birds, it is usually more effective to combine different technologies or bird control systems. The combined effect of different systems gives better results than relying on a single bird control system. Therefore, the Broadband Pro repeller is a very interesting system for bird control, because it combines two types of technologies: on one hand, it is an ultrasonic repeller; on the other hand, it is a bio-acoustic repeller that emits audible sounds.

BirdGard Iberia has over 15 years of experience with the Broadband Pro repeller. Below we summarize the most frequently asked questions about this bird control system.

How does the BrodBand Pro repeller work?

BroadBand Pro

The BroadBand Pro repeller combines two types of bird control technologies:

  • On one hand, it is an ultrasonic repeller
    • Ultrasonic waves operate at a frequency range higher than that of human hearing. Therefore, most people do not hear ultrasonic waves.
    • However, many birds do perceive ultrasonic waves and find them bothersome. There are birds with greater hearing capacity that are more sensitive to ultrasonic waves than others.
  • On the other hand, it is a bio-acoustic repeller that emits audible sounds
    • These sounds are within the hearing range of both people and birds
    • The BroadBand Pro emits raptor sounds, bird distress calls, and electronic harassment sounds

Can I activate and deactivate the emission of audible sounds?

Yes. While the BroadBand Pro is turned on, it is always emitting ultrasound waves. However, you can configure the emission of audible sounds to be activated: only during the day, only at night, or 24 hours a day. Additionally, the BroadBand Pro has a control that allows you to adjust the volume of audible sounds.

What coverage area does it provide?

The ultrasound coverage of the BroadBand Pro is about 350 square meters. The audible sound coverage of the BroadBand Pro is about 2.4 hectares.

That is, the ultrasound technology is more intended to prevent birds from perching or nesting in areas closer to the points where we place the BroadBand Pro speakers. While the audible sound technology is designed to repel birds in larger areas.

Can I install the BroadBand Pro outdoors?

Yes. The BroadBand Pro repeller consists of a central unit to which four external speakers are connected, using cables about 30 meters long. This provides great flexibility when positioning the speakers. Both the central unit and the speakers are designed to work outdoors, withstanding rain, snow, and other weather conditions.

Does it work for all types of birds?

Yes. The BroadBand Pro is a universal repeller that can be used to deter the most common bird species: seagulls, pigeons, sparrows, crows, swallows, etc.

The ultrasound technology is common for all types of birds. The BroadBand Pro allows you to switch between three types of ultrasound: HIGH – MED – LOW.

By default, the BroadBand Pro comes from the factory with a universal sound chip to repel any bird species. However, BirdGard Iberia, due to its years of experience in bird control and with the BroadBand Pro repeller, has the ability to adapt the audible sound technology with an even more specific sound chip to the bird species that need to be repelled.

Can I connect more than four speakers to the BroadBand Pro?

Yes. The BroadBand Pro comes by default with four external speakers and allows the connection of up to four additional external speakers. Each of these additional external speakers is connected in series to the speakers of the device.

BirdGard Iberia can provide all the available accessories for the BroadBand Pro: power connection cable, battery connection cable, 20-25 Watt solar panel, additional external speakers, etc.

What do I do if I can’t connect it to the power grid?

That’s not a problem. You can also connect the BroadBand Pro to a battery. A 12-volt, 85-100 ampere battery is recommended. Request the battery connection cables from BirdGard Iberia. It’s best to purchase the battery itself from a specialized battery store.

If I connect the BroadBand Pro to a battery, how long will it last?

If you connect the BroadBand Pro to a battery, it will last between 3-5 weeks. You have two options: either have two batteries (one spare) and switch them out when one runs out, or ask BirdGard Iberia to provide you with a 20-25 watt solar panel, specifically for Bird Gard repellents, to keep the battery always charged.

Does it work? Is it effective for repelling birds?

With birds, it’s not an exact science. It’s best to consult with BirdGard Iberia about your specific situation, so they can advise you on the best solution.

That being said, BirdGard Iberia has over 15 years of experience with the BroadBand Pro repellent. They have supplied this repellent to around 200 customers: photovoltaic panel installation and maintenance companies, building restoration and management companies, wineries, individuals… BirdGard Iberia offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with the results of the BroadBand Pro repellent. There has never been a request for a BroadBand Pro return. In fact, about 3% of business customers make repeat purchases for other projects or new locations.

What is the best complement to the BroadBand Pro?

However, it all depends on each case. It’s best to consult BirdGard Iberia about your specific situation, so they can advise you on the best complement to the BroadBand Pro.